Preventing Pregnant Women from Gaining Too Much Weight! Stepper exercise indoors

かなえる カエルをフォローする

Hello ✿ I’m Yumiko, the “Kanaderu Kaeru”.

Suddenly, I have a problem that I need to do something about now.

It is that I gained weight rapidly during my pregnancy.

Even though pregnant women need nutrition, I suddenly gained too much weight… .

I gained 6 kg in 3 months…not good if I keep gaining at this pace.

I was just feeling the happiness of being able to eat normal food after the morning sickness was over.

I was also enjoying the happiness of being able to eat a lot of sweets, but my weight has skyrocketed (-_-;).

In 3 months, I gained 6 kg in no time. With my body type, it is reasonable to gain about 10 kg before giving birth, but I still have 4 months to go. If I continue at this rate, I will be in a pinch because of the over pace!

I’ve heard that in the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby gets heavier and heavier, so it’s easy to gain even just a few pounds…

From now on, I must be careful to somehow limit the increase to one kilo per month.

So what should I do?

First, I will reduce unnecessary snacking. I am aware that I eat too many sweets, so this is hard, but I have to work on this first.

Then, exercise moderately!

When it comes to weight control, you have to be careful about the balance between diet and exercise, but nutrition is also necessary for the baby in your belly. So I don’t want to go on a diet now where I eat less, so I want to increase my exercise and manage my weight.

Besides, I have been completely inactive since I got pregnant, so I need to exercise to build up my stamina!

I have adopted a stepper for indoor exercise!

Now, that’s why I want to exercise.

It is hot season for walking. There is no sports club nearby that offers maternity swim (I’m bored to begin with, and it’s hard for me to take the time to go there for a long time…).

After thinking that I would like to have an exercise that I can do at home, as soon as I think of it, and in my spare time.

I decided to buy a stepper.

アルインコFA4016 ハンドル付ステッパー

I bought the “Stepper with Handle FA4016” made by Alinco.

I chose one with a handle so that I could use it safely even with my big belly during pregnancy.

After stepping on the stepper for about five minutes, I started to get a little out of breath. For a moderate workout without overdoing it, it feels just right to ride it for about 10 minutes in a row.

It was so good that I decided to set it up permanently in the living room where I can watch TV. I’ll use it a little at a time, like while watching a drama or in between commercials, to manage my weight. I will do my best!

Yumiko “Kanaeru Kaeru”

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